Anxiety Camps for Young Adults: The Healing Power of a Retreat


Ah, the nostalgia of summer camps – those days of endless adventure, campfires, new friendships, and the unique pleasure of being immersed in nature. Children have long benefited from the rejuvenating powers of camp life. But who said this beautiful experience should be limited only to them? Young adults, especially those grappling with the burdens of anxiety, can extract immense benefits from a summer camp-like experience tailored to their unique needs.

The Rising Tide of Young Adult Anxiety

Anxiety is not just about being “a little stressed.” In the intricate phase between adolescence and adulthood, many young adults find themselves trapped in whirlpools of social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and even anxiety-induced depression. Navigating university life, the job market, relationships and the looming responsibility of adulthood can amplify these challenges.

Skyterra Young Adult: Where Camp Meets Therapy

Skyterra Young Adult offers a sanctuary reminiscent of those childhood summer camps but is adapted to address the intricate complexities of young adult anxiety. Located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, this retreat blends the bliss of nature with structured therapeutic strategies.

Below are three ways that Skyterra Young Adult offers a purposeful escape for young adults:

1. Social Interaction: Just like summer camps, Skyterra places a strong emphasis on building connections. It provides a safe environment where young adults can interact, share their stories, build friendships, and understand that they’re not alone in their struggles.

2. Immersion in Nature: The therapeutic benefits of nature are unparalleled. The serene surroundings of Skyterra allow guests to reconnect with nature, find peace away from the city’s hustle, and immerse themselves in the healing embrace of the wilderness.

3. Emphasis on Recreation and Adventure: Taking a cue from traditional summer camps, Skyterra integrates recreational activities and adventures. Whether it’s hiking, water activities or challenging oneself with new physical feats, these activities instill confidence, resilience and a sense of achievement.

Our Commitment to Therapy

Young Adults struggling with anxiety need more than just the camp experience. That is why a stay at Skyterra Young Adult includes multiple one-on-one and group therapy sessions every week. During these therapy sessions our guests can find a safe space to discuss their struggles with anxiety.

Each guest is an important member of a small and intimate community. Our team of experts specialize in teaching conflict resolution and communication skills that will benefit all of our guests’ relationships. Our guests also learn relaxation techniques to help them cope with stress and improve their  mental health.

The Five Pillars of Wellness at Skyterra

Skyterra’s program revolves around five foundational pillars designed to holistically address anxiety:

1. Self-Care and Stress Management: Guests are equipped with tools to cultivate resilience, improve communication, and foster healthy relationships. This pillar empowers them to manage stress and approach life with renewed optimism.

2. Fitness and Mobility: Physical activity is a potent antidote to anxiety. Through diverse fitness routines, guests discover joy in movement, releasing those vital endorphins that combat anxiety.

3. Culinary and Nutrition: Understanding the gut-brain connection, Skyterra promotes a holistic approach to nutrition. It emphasizes eating as a means of nourishing the body, helping guests move away from anxiety-triggering diet cultures.

4. Recreation and Adventure: Stepping out of comfort zones, challenging oneself, and engaging in recreational activities are central to this pillar. Such experiences not only boost confidence but also provide a fresh perspective on overcoming personal challenges.

5. Mindfulness and Yoga: A sound mind resides in a sound body. Through yoga and mindfulness practices, guests foster a deeper mind-body connection, learning to navigate discomfort and regulate their emotions better.

The charm of a summer camp isn’t just for children. At Skyterra Young Adult, young individuals find a space that combines the magic of summer camps with structured therapeutic approaches. For those battling anxiety, it’s more than just a retreat; it’s a journey towards self-discovery, healing, and a brighter, calmer future.

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