The Skyterra Young Adult Culinary Learning Center
(Coming 2025)

A transformative culinary experience is nearly at your fingertips

Our latest campus project is designed to greatly enhance the culinary and nutrition experience of each guest at Skyterra Young Adult. With direct access from the courtyard, the Culinary Learning Center will be an educational space designed to empower young adults as they learn essential culinary skills. It will include a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen meticulously designed for hands-on practical application of our culinary and nutrition pillar, as well as a patio for outdoor dining when the weather allows.

Enhanced support for our mission

At Skyterra Young Adult, our mission has always been to help our guests prove to themselves just how doable healthy eating and healthy cooking can be. From basic cooking classes to more robust culinary challenges, young adults leave our program equipped with lifelong skills that improve their independence, relationship with food, and quality of life. 

The addition of this space to our campus opens additional doors for our guests beyond what our current kitchen and dining provide. The Culinary Learning Center will act as the main hub for meal preparation, culinary demonstrations, nutrition lectures, and of course, the family-style meals. Our brand new kitchen space will be fully equipped with the latest technology, providing an ideal environment for both amateur cooks and seasoned chefs. Each participant will enjoy a hands-on experience, crafting dishes that not only nourish the body but also speak to the soul. We also plan to offer skill-building opportunities at each and every station of a commercial kitchen, plus professional life skill-building for success in the hospitality and restaurant industry, if that is of interest to you.

Direct application of our nutrition program

More than just a place to cook, the space will act as a sanctuary where culinary arts merge seamlessly with newfound wellness practices. This community support continues beyond our kitchen, as guests take home not just a culinary and nutrition plan for home but a renewed enthusiasm for healthy nutrition and meal preparation.

As we break ground on our new facility, we invite you to stay tuned for the grand opening. Prepare to be part of an exclusive culinary experience that promises to reshape your eating habits and enrich your life.

The following class opportunities and more will be offered at the Culinary Learning Center:
  • Knife Skills: Learn and understand essential cooking techniques
  • The Science of Baking: Learn about essential baking ingredients and come to understand the process of how your favorite baked dishes are made
  • Kitchen Labs: Compete in teams in the kitchen and be evaluated for things like collaboration, time management, use of equipment, technique, skill level, and attitude!

Meet Our Chef and Culinary Educator: Kaedon

Executive Chef Kaedon is set to play a pivotal role at the Culinary Learning Center, utilizing his extensive expertise to enhance the culinary program at Skyterra Young Adult. Chef Kaedon will lead by example, teaching a variety of classes that showcase his innovative cooking techniques and passion for nutritionally rich cuisine. His hands-on approach in the kitchen will not only inspire young adults to explore their culinary talents but also educate them on the importance of ingredient selection and meal balance. Beyond instructional duties, Chef Kaedon will oversee the integration of produce from Skyterra’s garden into daily meal plans, ensuring that the garden-to-table philosophy is deeply embedded in the center’s ethos. His leadership will be instrumental in crafting a curriculum that is as nourishing as it is enlightening, setting a standard for excellence and wellness that resonates throughout the Skyterra community.

Skyterra You

Meet Our Dietitian and Nutrition Educator: Kelsey

At the Culinary Learning Center, Kelsey, the dedicated dietitian at Skyterra Young Adult, will play a crucial role in bridging the gap between culinary arts and nutritional science. Her expertise will be central to developing educational workshops that focus on the health benefits of various ingredients and the importance of balanced meal planning. Kelsey will work closely with Chef Kaedon to ensure that the dishes prepared not only taste great but also align with dietary guidelines and wellness objectives. She will conduct regular sessions on how to read and understand nutritional labels, manage dietary restrictions, and make informed food choices. Additionally, Kelsey plans to utilize the center as a platform for interactive demonstrations on how to modify recipes for better health outcomes, making it a key resource for students aiming to incorporate healthy eating into their daily lives. Through her involvement, Kelsey aims to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to make nutritionally sound decisions that support their overall well-being.

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