Revolutionize Your Health and Step Into the Best Version of You with Skyterra Young Adult’s Weight Loss Program


In a world obsessed with crash dieting, counting calories and numbers on a scale, Skyterra Young Adult’s LoseSmart program for young adults offers a radical, yet refreshing approach to body and mind transformation. Headed by a comprehensive team of fitness, psychology and nutrition experts, the LoseSmart program at Skyterra Young Adult combines the trustworthiness of science-based health interventions with an understanding that a gentle, nurturing approach to healthy living is always best. LoseSmart goes well beyond weight loss, focusing instead on empowering guests to achieve overall well-being while learning to love the skin they’re in.

At the core of Skyterra’s LoseSmart is the understanding that true transformation comes from within – from nourishing the body with the right foods and cultivating vitality through enjoyable and purposeful movement. Wellness is about seeking a deeper understanding and awareness of how your body and mind work together. 

LoseSmart challenges the conventional narrative that equates “thinness” with health and beauty, offering instead a path that celebrates all body shapes and sizes, emphasizing how you feel over how you look, and meeting each and every guest where they are. Join us for a closer look at what sets this program apart and how it can help you unlock your best self.

Support Your Metabolic Health Through Research-Based Protocols

Skyterra Young Adult’s weight loss program shifts the focus from the scale to overall body composition and how LoseSmart guests feel upon reflection. We utilize the latest information in nutrition, psychology and exercise science to create personalized plans that cater to individual needs, preferences and lifestyles. 

By supporting guests in their journey of building lean muscle mass and reducing body fat, participants not only achieve the more optimal body composition they are striving for, but also improve their metabolism leading to more energy throughout the day and results that are sustainable upon leaving the program. 

A Gentle Approach to Body Appreciation and Acceptance

Recognizing the emotional challenges that often accompany weight loss journeys, LoseSmart integrates mental health support into its framework through the use of what we call therapeutic wellness. This includes access to one-on-one therapy and community support groups. LoseSmart encourages self-compassion, helping guests to navigate setbacks with grace and to celebrate every small victory on their path to better health.

Central to LoseSmart’s mission is the promotion of body appreciation at all stages of your journey. This involves dismantling harmful stereotypes and encouraging a positive body image. LoseSmart advocates for respecting your body all while fostering a positive relationship with food and exercise that is based on care and respect, rather than punishment and deprivation.

Enhanced Daily Living and Individualized Guidance

From meal plans rich in nutrients to exercise routines that excite rather than exhaust, LoseSmart ensures that every aspect of its program is optimized for effective, sustainable weight loss. As guests on campus adopt healthier eating habits, engage in regular movement, and maintain a consistent sleep schedule, they experience a newfound sense of energy and vitality. 

The LoseSmart team seeks to guide guests as they develop lifelong habits that set them up for success for the rest of their lives. LoseSmart does not offer a temporary solution, but is a program that empowers young adults to take control of their health and well-being for years to come. With guidance from an experienced dietitian and fitness experts, participants receive personalized nutritional support tailored to their individual needs and goals, as well as customized daily workout plans that challenge participants to push beyond their limits in a safe and empowering way.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Health 

The LoseSmart program champions a holistic approach to health and wellness, addressing each guest’s overall well-being through the lens of our five program pillars, discussed below. This is to ensure that individuals are tapping into all aspects of their well-being and avoiding hyperfixation in one area. 

  • Through the Nutrition and Culinary pillar, guests nourish their bodies with colorful, comforting meals that fuel them for what the day has in store. Through hands-on nutrition and culinary education, our guests note improvements in relationship with food, body composition, and meal planning and prepping abilities upon their return home.
  • Through the Fitness and Mobility pillar, guests engage in movement tailored to their individual fitness level and unique interests. With guidance and mentorship from our professionally certified trainers, LoseSmart seeks to promote strength and cardiovascular health, as well as positive associations of movement with improved mood, energy levels and body confidence. 
  • Through the Recreation and Adventure pillar, young adults are encouraged to explore the natural world around them and challenge themselves through new experiences in Western North Carolina. We know that the outdoors can cultivate an experience of retreat and reflection while holding a very individualized therapeutic benefit. 
  • Through the Yoga and Mindfulness pillar, guests learn the tools to manage daily stress by engaging in gentle yoga. This development of a mindfulness practice draws guests back to the present moment and helps them foster gratitude, an important puzzle piece to mental health. Guests overwhelmingly report improvements in emotional regulation, depression, and anxiety during their stay. 
  • Lastly, through the Stress Management and Self-Care pillar, our experts ensure that young adults are equipped with coping strategies to manage stress response and navigate life’s challenges effectively by the time they leave campus. Discover the importance of routine and dedicated time for self care in managing mental health.

Begin Your Wellness Journey Today

If you’re a young adult looking to transform your health and build a foundation for lifelong wellness, the LoseSmart program at Skyterra Young Adult is the perfect place to begin. The minute you arrive on campus, you will be met with a supportive community and expert mentorship guiding you every step of the way. 

We at Skyterra Young Adult cannot wait to help you experience the power of holistic transformation and embark on your wellness journey to a life filled with energy, vitality, and endless possibilities.

To learn more about the LoseSmart program and how it can help you reach your full potential, contact us today. By clicking here, you can schedule a free consultation with a member of our team to discuss your place in the LoseSmart program. Your journey to a healthier, happier you starts here at Skyterra Young Adult. We cannot wait to meet you!

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