The Guest Experience

Embrace Your Life-Changing Adventure

Supportive Environment

At Skyterra Young Adult, guests make a difference in their lives by learning how to make healthy, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle changes.  By living our five pillars of wellness and with the support of our professional program team, guests experience a healthier, more independent lifestyle that will carry them long after they leave our campus. In fact, after a stay at Skyterra Young Adult, guests overwhelmingly report that they feel more confident in their time management, goal setting, handling challenges and leadership skills.  Here, you will find your community in a small group of like-minded young adults joining together to support each other in their growth.

Pillars of the Skyterra Young Adult Program

Cultivating a resilient mindset is an essential part of lifelong wellness. At Skyterra Young Adult, you’ll learn strategies for stress management that you can work into life upon your return home.  

Guests all report being much more confident and experiencing growth in the areas of healthy relationships, communicating their feelings, family relationships, and optimism about their futures by the end of their stay. 

Physical activity can help improve mood. Our coaches are here to help you find movement that brings you joy. Through continually evolving fitness classes you will be able to challenge yourself no matter your current level of activity. 

Regardless of where they start, 100 percent of Skyterra Young Adult guests report improved physical strength and fitness habits at the end of their stay.

Discard the diet mentality – our goal is to promote a natural tendency toward eating well. Our idea of healthy eating honors your needs, preferences and beliefs. You will learn that food is about fueling your body, not about counting calories. 

All of our guests note improvements in healthy nutrition, healthy food choices and cooking abilities.

Recreation helps us thrive. It excites us, brings us closer to nature, and shows us how capable we are. Opportunities for adventure can help you expand your comfort zone and build confidence. 

At the end of their stay, 100 percent of Skyterra Young Adult guests report increased willingness to challenge themselves and growth in confidence when it comes to adventure activities.

Yoga can work for everyone and is a great tool for navigating discomfort. Our team will guide you in a mindfulness and yoga practice that will improve the mind-body connection. 

Skyterra Young Adult guests overwhelmingly report they experience improvements in emotional regulation, physical flexibility, and depression and anxiety during their time, with 90 percent of guests rating their growth in emotional regulation at nine or above in their exit survey.

How does it all come together?

Life at Skyterra Young Adult

What is a typical day at Skyterra Young Adult like? View A Day in the Life here, and a sample schedule here.

A stay of at least eight weeks can provide the most significant benefits for guests who need extra time to relax and recharge. View our pricing guide to learn more.

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