Struggling with Binge Eating? You are Not Alone.


Binge-Eating Disorder, also known as BED, is the most common eating disorder in America. BED impacts roughly one in 35 adults and presents itself in both men and women. To classify a true binge, one would have to eat a very large volume of food within a short period of time, typically within two hours or less.

Binge eating versus overeating

A binge is not eating a lot of Halloween candy. A binge is not eating a pint of ice cream. A binge eating episode may entail eating a cheeseburger and french fries followed by a jar of peanut butter and then diving into two pints of ice cream. The shame, guilt and sense of failure then takes over. The rush and “high” from the binge quickly turns into a paralyzing “low.”

A binge may be pre-planned or it could pop up out of nowhere. Once the binge starts, one typically feels out of control and may eat to the point of discomfort. If these binge-eating episodes are happening, we strongly suggest that one seeks professional guidance. A team of a licensed therapist and a registered dietitian is an important place to start.

At Skyterra Young Adult, we provide a non- judgemental and safe environment where you will be supported by licensed therapists and dietitians to begin your journey of healing. During your time at Skyterra Young Adult, you will explore the facets of binge eating disorder and dive deeper into how one can recognize the signs of BED while teaching healthy coping skills that serve as preventative measures. 

Compulsive eating: it’s not about the food

You may not have a full-blown eating disorder. However, we hear from so many people struggling with compulsive eating who say they eat to cope, and experience moments of feeling completely out of control around food.

If this is you, then guess what? You are not alone. More often than not, people are not struggling with an actual eating disorder. So, what are people struggling with? What is really going on?

Deep down…it isn’t about the food. It is never about the food. Disordered eating patterns such as restricting, food deprivation, chronic dieting, binge-ing, excessive exercise, exercising to only 

‘lose the inches’, compulsive eating, and night-time eating are all symptoms of something else. These behaviors have served and continue to serve a deeper purpose:

They serve the place of “fixing” unmet needs such as basic self-care (e.g., sleep), self-love, belief in one’s worthiness and more

They serve as a coping mechanism

They serve as the quick solution

They serve as a safety net

These eating behaviors have been a protective mechanism for the brain and body. 

It’s all about learning a new way to cope.

In our attempts to protect ourselves, we have wired our brains to choose food when we experience uncomfortable feelings such as shame, guilt, sadness, loneliness, or anger. It’s like our brains have just formed a bad habit, which is not actually bad at all, just a way to cope.

There is hope

There is hope. At Skyterra Young Adult we believe you can change. We also recognize it isn’t easy. Oftentimes, things feel worse before they get better. It may take you numerous attempts,it may be hard, but we are hopeful you can get there. 

During your time at Skyterra Young Adult, you will rewire your brain to choose a different pattern of behavior for coping. We have the power to reshape our thoughts, which can affect our relationship to our feelings. Once we have changed how we view our thoughts and feelings, we can begin to change our conditioned patterns of behavior.

For a more detailed discussion from Skyterra Young Adult’s lead dietician visit the webinars below:
What is Skyterra Young Adult?

As a holistic wellness program, Skyterra focuses on making healthy changes in all aspects of young adult life. Our eating disorder therapy program offers a healthy vacation and an opportunity to reset and change your life. Our expert team of Licensed Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Certified Fitness Instructors and Executive Chefs specialize in young adult wellness. Our program uses the latest research in nutrition, fitness, life skills, and mental health. No matter where our guests are on their journey, they will be well supported and never judged.

The pillars of the Skyterra Program include:

  • Self-Care and Stress Management
  • Culinary and Nutrition Education
  • Fitness and Mobility
  • Recreation and Adventure
  • Yoga and Mindfulness.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, know that help is available. Our Eating Disorder Therapy Program is dedicated to providing the highest quality care and support to help individuals achieve lasting recovery. 

Please contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can help you or a loved one on the path to wellness.

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