Primary Therapist

Ryan has spent most of the last two decades working with struggling adolescents and young adults in a variety of environments. Starting out with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Ryan quickly learned he would rather be on the proactive rather than reactive side of things.

He spent many years seeking to support young men and women find a way in life. Out in the deserts of Utah, Ryan found his calling for therapy and the transformative power of nature. Its ability to slow us down, show us a mirror, and find what is important to us has been a key factor in his approach to therapy.

Receiving a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, he has worked to support young men and women in their ability to slow down and reconnect to the things that matter most. 

Ryan says: “The world tries to pull us from the connections that matter most. Our ability to prioritize those connections over the chaos of life is a primary factor in our ability to love a balanced healthy life.”